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Common Questions and Answers about Raiderfest?


Q: Where can I park on the Colonie HS Campus?

A: Volunteers can park in the technology lot or by the back tennis courts.

     Patrons can park in the junior lots or any available spaces.

     Vendors park in the teachers lot next to the JV fields.

     STEAM Expo participants can park in the baseball lot.


Q: I’m a volunteer.  Where do I go to find out what I do?

A: When you arrive on campus go to the football ticket booth to check-in and receive your volunteering lanyard and staffing assignment.


Q: What does Raiderfest cost?

A: Raiderfest is free to attend.  There are varying family friendly prices for specific events.


Q: Where do Raiderfest proceeds go?

A: Proceeds go to the local partnership iCARE has worked closely with this year: Northern Woods


Q: Are there events for everyone?

A: Yes!  From live performances to varying craft vendors to youth competitions to games to Big Trucks to the STEAM Expo and everything else in between, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Q: Did I hear there’s a basket raffle?

A: There sure is!!!  We have amazing donations to raffle off.


Q: What are the hours of Raiderfest?

A: We begin the day at 10am with our Opening Ceremonies honoring Hometown Heroes and our inaugural Kind.Human. of the year.  All other Raiderfest events take place from 11am-5pm?


Q: Are there evening events this year?

A: When we finalize the schedule, we will post about any evening events.


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